2 Methods To Remove Permanent Marker From Vinyl Floor

Permanent markers come in handy when you need to write on vinyl labels and plastic containers. But what if you make a spelling mistake or accidentally apply it to your article?

Don’t worry, permanent markers aren’t that “permanent” as their ink will fade over time. Regardless, you can remove these stains like nothing happened. Join me as I walk you through three tutorials on how to remove permanent marks from vinyl flooring using alcohol, hairspray, and nail polish remover.

Things to help you remove permanent marker ink from vinyl items

There are several ways to reduce permanent marker ink. Below is a list of stain removers and cleaners you can use.

1. Rubbing alcohol

Alcohol not only cleans piercings and disinfects surfaces, but it’s also an effective ink stain remover. Not only is it cheap, but it requires no additional ingredients to work.


If you don’t have a bottle of rubbing alcohol at home, I recommend using a non-greasy hairspray as an alternative. Due to its alcohol content, hairspray can also remove permanent marker stains from vinyl.

However, based on my research, the new formulas may not be as effective at removing ink stains because they no longer contain alcohol. Always check the ingredients before use.

3. Acetone or acetone-free nail polish remover

Many people report success using nail polish remover to remove permanent markings from vinyl and other surfaces. I want to warn you that acetone-based products tend to evaporate quickly, so you may need more to remove larger stains.

4. Other cleaning supplies

No matter which product you choose as an ink remover, make sure you have a clean rag, towel, or paper towel handy. If you want to remove finer lines or smaller spots, you can opt for cotton swabs or balls.

Here are the different ways to remove marker stains from vinyl

Method 1: Use alcohol to remove stains

Step 1: There are two ways to use rubbing alcohol. One method is to spray alcohol directly onto the affected area, like YouTuber Kellie Chasse does in this video. Then wipe the alcohol with a cloth. Another method is to soak a soft cloth in rubbing alcohol.

Step 2: Gently rub the cloth over the ink stain in circular motions until the stain disappears. If there is any ink left, add more alcohol and scrub vigorously. Repeat this step until permanent marks are removed from the vinyl flooring. This also applies to other vinyl items.

Step 3: Finally, dampen the cloth with cold water. Finally, use a damp cloth to remove any residue from the area. You should see progress within a few minutes. But keep in mind that if you’re removing a large stain, it will take more time.

Method 2: Use hairspray to clean stains

Step 1: Spray a generous amount of hairspray directly onto the stain. You can watch this video from Queen of Clean. Although she sprays the product on fabric, I’m sharing it here to give you an idea of ​​how much is needed for a small stain. Make sure to cover the surrounding area as well.

Step 2: Wipe the affected area with a paper towel or clean cloth. Alternatively, you can apply hairspray to a paper towel or cloth and use it to blot the stain. Be sure to repeat this step until you have removed the permanent marks from your vinyl flooring or other items.

Step 3: Hairspray can leave a residue on various surfaces. So don’t forget to clean up after completing the task. To do this, take a clean cloth and moisten it with cold water. Use it to wipe the area. When done, pat it dry with a rag or paper towel.

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